Myna Sabado

Q Software Research, Business Development Manager

" QSR has been a satisfied client and partner of IAMCARDBOARD for more than 2 years now. Their high quality products are matched by the caliber and professionalism of the company's management and staff. Among their many accomplishments, notable is how their products have helped various schools in bringing VR into their classrooms. Having worked with IAMCARDBOARD on a number of projects, we have witnessed first-hand their passion and eagerness to be of service. This is especially evident in their involvement in outreach programs. Despite having done so much, the IAMCARDBOARD team has remained humble and accessible to everyone. QSR looks forward to being a happy IAMCARDBOARD client and partner for more years to come!"

Tony Velasquez

News Anchor, ANC

"Innovations in consumer technology will be meaningless, if these cannot become easily accessible and practical for most people. I Am Cardboard has addressed this challenge, by creating relatively inexpensive hardware that puts the VR experience within affordable reach of individuals and institutions. Its work has literally opened new dimensions (3 dimensions!) for educators, visual artists, and other content creators."

Fred Ayala

Chairman, APEC Schools

“I AM CARDBOARD offered us very competitive rates, and over-delivered on their final output for APEC Schools. We were quite happy with the work they did for us.”