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In 2014, after watching Google I/O, I AM Cardboard Global CEO Joseph Li wanted to make his own Google Cardboard kit. Soon after refining the components and the manufacturing, he wanted to produce it for the masses, and not just the handful of them - and I AM Cardboard was born. 

Following that, in 2015, I AM Cardboard Global partner Ibba Bernardo opened up the Philippine branch for I AM Cardboard. Since then, we've been providing Google-certified products and high quality 360° content for businesses here in the Philippines.  

Today, in 2017, I AM Cardboard PH has partnered up with Ayala Foundation to recreate the Ayala Museum Dioramas in 360° video, and with Boysen to supply them with the Pocket 360 for their major roadshows. We have also provided over 5,000 VR headsets to the educational industry.